Friday, October 24, 2008

A Circle of Love

My sister Lisa came out to visit with us, her daughter and son-in-law (Cori & Jeff) and to meet with her new grandson, Seth Min Cheol, last Wednesday and left to go home two days ago. :( It was fun to have my sister stay with us at night. Since both Lynn and I were working we would take her to Cori's house (in Glenview, IL), where she could spend the day playing with Seth and do the motherly thing with her daughter that only a mother (or a special woman) can achieve, and then after work I would pick Lisa back up from Cori's and would bring her back to our house (sisterly chatting all the way) for the evening.

It has been an amazing few weeks. During the last part of September Lynn and I went up to stay with my younger sister Ami (who lives in Dearborn, MI). While at Ami's, we picked up my mom and then she spent a week with us. Lynn and I have been wrapped up in the arms of love and feel so blessed and grateful to have the families we do. Here are just a few of the pictures of generations of moms with and tons and tons of LOVE for their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren:)


Francine said...

I was surprised to find I have 2 great grandsons with the name Luke. I guess it is to be expected since they were born of the same day at other ends of the world. I love you both so much, and really miss not having so many places to go each evening. Lisa and I were able to talk about all the places we were able to visit when we were visiting you. What special people you are. MISS YOU>

Lynn and Shelly said...

Oh, I was looking at Kristi's blog and thinking how wonderful it was that Luke did not have to wear his helmet anymore, in the excitment I got Luke and Seth mixed up. Typically normal for me.I wish that I could blame it on the Meds but I can only attribute it to being me this time.