Friday, February 29, 2008

It is now Friday

Happy Leap Year Day to everyone.

Shelly is doing very well this morning. If I do say so myself she is doing better this time around then when she had her hysterectomy. She has been sitting on the edge of her bed more and sitting in the chair more and sooner than she did last time. She has not been as nauseous as she was last time.

She asked the nurse if she was going home today. The nurse looked at her and pretty much said This is the first I have heard of that.
Hopefully tomorrow.

She wants to say thanks to eveyone who has been asking and praying for her. She really appreciates it.

Love you all

Lynn an Shelly

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Surgery is over now comes the Recuperation

Thursday Feb 28…8:30 AM

It seems like I have been here before. Oh wait I have. Shelly has been in surgery for almost an hour now. They said that it is going to take about an 2 and ½ hours for the surgery. They are going to send a camera up her urethra into the bladder to make sure that everything is Okay from that perspective. If they can fix her leak that way they will but the Doctor did not sound to hopeful about that prospect. They will then go in through the same incision she had for her hysterectomy. To repair the problem. I have an hour and ½ to wait for her to be out of surgery…..Time is dragging!!!


Shelly is out of surgery and in her room. They said that she came through with flying colors. They did find the hole where he expected to find it. It was down close to the bladder. They cut the Uterer off and created a new hole in the bladder to reattach the tube to. She will have to have a catheter for a week and then have the stint removed that they put in. I personally think that she is not going to go home tomorrow like she was hoping she might. She is now sleeping. I am hoping that she can now get some good rest. Something Shelly has not had since the hysterectomy in December.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bright & Early Tomorrow!

I will be checking in at the ‘Rush Copley Spa’ ;o) tomorrow (2.28.08) at 6:00am. After a luxurious evening filled with morphine and antibiotics, I should be checking out on Friday … then, the physical healing will begin. :o)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thursday, February, 28th …. It’s a date! aaahhhhhhh!!!!

Well, Dr. Smith didn’t waste any time. Today (2/26/08) was his first day back from vacation. He called and we have scheduled my surgery for the day after tomorrow (Thursday, February 28th). I do not have a time yet for my surgery nor what hospital I will be in. I have to visit with the doctor tomorrow to get my surgical folder (hospital instructions), have an EKG, along with some blood work preparatory to Thursday’s procedure. I am just thinking, mind you … I’m just thinking since I have not met with the doctor yet, that my hospital stay will be at Provena Mercy Medical Center. Lynn, of course, will keep you updated on my progress.


Friday, February 22, 2008

Silence Can Be Golden! :)

Lynn and I are waiting to hear back from Dr. Smith’s office for a surgery date and to find out which of the Aurora hospitals Dr. Smith has reserved for the procedure. We had to make the decision as to which doctor we would use, Dr. Smith (here in Aurora) or Dr. Bales, practicing out of the University of Chicago (Medical Center). Even though it may take us longer to begin the paperwork, we have decided to wait for Dr. Smith. We will post more news as soon as we receive it. Thanks everyone for your love & support!


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Decision Time! :)

Dr. Smith called around 5:45pm yesterday (2/15/07) and informed us that I do not have a hole in my bladder. I DO have a hole or tear in my left ureter tube (the tube that leads from my left kidney to the bladder). The ureter is the source of my leak. Since the problem doesn’t involve my bladder I am heading to the doctors to get my catheter removed. However, I am still having my ‘sudden and unflattering urination urges’ from my bladder and I am still leaking out my vagina. Those leaks will continue until Dr. Smith or Dr. Bales can fix the problem. Dr. Smith is going out of town today and will not be back until a week from Tuesday. He has referred us to another urologist, Dr. Bales that practices out of the University of Chicago (Hospital). To do the surgery, they will go through the same hysterectomy incision. Dr. Smith or Dr. Bales while inside will explore my kidneys and my bladder to make sure they are working fine, as well as fix my ureter tube. Lynn and I are now trying to decide all of our options as to doctors, hospitals, and a date for the surgery.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

All Lit Up!! :)

Today I had a Cystogram (MCU) and Intravenous Pyelogram (IVP) examination to see if we could find where the hole in my bladder is located.

The MCU was really interesting. This type of x-ray is usually performed on a young boy or girl. Because MCUs are so rare on an adult, I had two technicians prep me for the exam, along with the Radiologist. Iodine was pumped (from my 24/7 catheter) into my bladder to see if they could find out where the leak was located. The Radiologist (Dr. Gibson) and technicians (Darlene, Richard and Nancy) were very nice. Richard turned on the monitor so that I could see my bladder in action. Dr. Gibson had me lie on my back, move to my right and left hip, and they actually moved the table, so that even though I was lying down, I was standing up. From my viewpoint, I couldn’t see any leakage from my bladder. Dr. Gibson did find something ‘interesting enough’, that he brought the item to the attention of the two technicians in the room, though he did not tell me what it was.

For the IVP, iodine was shot through an intravenous tube in my arm. The dye moved quickly through my bloodstream. The iodine actually lights up the urinary tract, and kidneys. This can detect blood in the urine or even pain that might be in my lower side or back so that the radiologist and doctors can provide a quick diagnosis. During this exam, the technician took around 13 x-rays narrowing in on different areas of my lower abdomen. Usually a patient cannot be excused from the exam until a Radiologist has looked over the x-rays. Since we could not find Dr. Gibson or a Radiologist, one of the lead (radiology) technicians (Nancy) reviewed my x-rays. I do not know if they found a leak or not, but Nancy did mention that I might have a problem with one of my kidneys. Of course, that was just her opinion and not a medical diagnosis.

Dr. Smith (my Urologist) will have the results of my tests in two working days, which means I know nothing more about my problem and will not know anything until the first part of next week; except for right now, I feel all lit up from the inside out. :)


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Time for Tests

Shelly has recieved word that she will have the IVP and other tests done tomorrow. She is just excited :-( about the prospect of the prep. (Anyone having a colonoscopy will know what kind of prep I am talking about.)


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another Surgery for Shelly

As Shelly is going into the Hospital again to have the hole in her bladder repaired, I have created a Blog to keep everyone updated as to what is going on. As we receive information we will keep the blog updated. As of right now we do not have any information, but do have an appointment with a Urologist today.