Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy People Dancing

As we are ending the year 2008, I thought I would pay tribute to one of my favorite links of all time. They are 3 semi-short videos from Stride Gum. It is of Matt’s Place. The entire website is dedicated to ‘happy people’ dancing. Despite political boundaries, cultures and customs, we are essentially the same. We want peace and enjoyment out of life. [Once on the website, click on the 2008 picture, you will then be able to move through the three videos by way of the right and left arrows.] No one can stay angry or mad if they are dancing with all their heart. One of the ways we display happiness is by dancing. Look at the joy in each person’s face as they exhibit their enthusiasm and vigor.

Lynn and I hope 2009 will bring all of us, despite our vast differences, plenty of tolerance and oodles of love.

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