Friday, February 27, 2009

The Orient Express? No, It's Metra!

On President’s Day Lynn and I took our (or my) long awaited Metra trip to Union Station in Chicago. We took the train from Aurora to Chicago. Our train stopped at several small communities. It took about an hour to get to Union Station. Once at Union Station, we quickly ran outside the train station to take a few pictures. We looked at the large hall in Union Station with all the hard benches and architectural detail, and then took one of the faster trains back to Aurora. The train didn’t stop at all the little stations like it did on our way to Union Station, but it did stop at our parking lot. It took about 30 minutes to go from Union Station to Aurora. I had a fun time. Lynn groaned; but, I think he had a nice time too.



mom Lisa said...

Hey you guys, we will be coming to Chicago the last week of March for Spring break with the kids to visit Cori,Jeff and Seth. Hope we can meet up with you then. We will probably do the train thing too but I think we will get out of the station and visit the town for a few hours. We still don't know if we will be visiting Nauvoo. Did you guys get there? Hope to talk to you soon LOVE LISA

Andrew and Kristi Hill said...

I love the movie the orient express.:-) Thats kinda a side note
But I love you so much. You are so wonderful at keeping in touche and supporting our little family. we Love you!

Francine said...

I cannot seem to get into your blog a lot of the time. I guess there is something wrong with me. I also could not get anythiing but a black screen of your train trip.