Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring and Baseball ??

You can just tell that spring is in Chicagoland’s air. The news topics around here have changed from corrupt governors, Chicago Bulls, and outrageous movie stars to Chicago's real love, which is BASEBALL!!! In fact, the main topic of one of our morning news shows was a poll being conducted on which baseball team, the Chicago White Sox or the Chicago Cubs have the best fan base. If you want to want to place your vote click here So far with 11 days remaining, the White Sox fans are winning the poll!

My niece, Cori, her husband Jeff, and their son,Seth, live about an hour north from us and they have a soft or favorable spot for the Chicago Cubs. Lynn has a more practical approach when it comes to Chicago’s baseball teams. He says the Chicago White Sox are like Rodney Dangerfield, they ‘get no respect’, so that means Lynn leans a little bit farther to the White Sox bench. I like watching both teams. Since spring is in the air and Tuesday’s White Sox opening game is fast approaching let’s stop slinging hash and start playing Ball!!! The pennant and bragging rights are up this year for grabs.

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