Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Goodness, how time flies! It was 2 years ago, last Monday (Columbus Day), Lynn and I pulled the car up to our new townhouse in Aurora, IL. It was an uneventful road trip from Utah to Illinois. However, the 2 years we’ve been in Aurora has been anything but typical or what we usually call, 'normal'. Maybe, that’s why Lynn and I had to move to Illinois (Chicagoland). Instead of having another ordinary life ---- our lives have had more upheavals along with several roadblocks, but the journey has been extraordinary. And, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Lynn and I are both are at jobs we like (even though mine is a temporary situation), we have met countless and wonderful new friends. My sister, Ami, is 4 to 6 hours away in Michigan and it takes 45 to 60 minutes to drive to my niece, Cori’s, house.

Aurora and the Chicagoland area are wonderful places to explore. My first 18-months in Illinois was spent indoors and not feeling well, but things have changed now. I’m up, feeling healthier and sassier than ever. My exploratory bone is ready to see new things, haunt and hunt down the hundreds upon thousands of museums that surround us. I’m ready to visit and see the exquisite landscapes and parks of the Midwest and the Great Lakes region. The dust is off my tennis shoes since we have several walking and hiking paths close to where we live aching and waiting to be discovered. Everywhere I turn, there is something beautiful to see … whether it’s the sun as it is setting in the west, the innumerable green hues of the trees that dot the landscape, and the wildlife. I am in awe and feel totally surprised and flabbergasted. ** Chicagoland is AMAZING!!!** We are blessed to be living now in the notable and noteworthy state of Illinois.

Lynn and I are strapped down into the rollercoaster of life. We can’t wait to see what the next 2 years will bring!!!!

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Sue said...

Shelly, you should call us when you and Lynn go hiking some weekend. I've been wanting to get out with Rob and I think having another couple to go with would be the kick in the pants that we need. We certainly have not taken advantage of all there is here in Chicagoland (or Illinois, for that matter).