Friday, December 4, 2009

A Plug for Nadine!!!

My friend, Nadine Bozek, is so talented.  She is a talented, extremly creative and artistic artist, photographer and seamstress.  Actually, Nadine could turn a puzzle piece into a work of art.  I just want to go ahead and give Nadine's websites and blog Shelly's official ten thumbs up award. [Ten thumbs up  in 'my world' is greater than ten star rating.]  Here are Nadine's sites.

I met Nadine in August (2009) thanks to PDS Technical Services and our temporary work assignment at The Hartford.  She's extraordinary! Of course, I am a little prejudiced because of our friendship, but as a 'lover of the arts' she has a dedicated work style and is passionate about her art.
If you want to find out anything more on Nadine? Do what I did? Google her name, Nadine Bozek.  Here is a picture from her photography studio, along with a picture of Nadine.

I also have the privilege and opportunity of working alongside Anita Alltop day in and day out.  Working side by side, 5 days a week ... 40 hours a day ... with these two wonderful women has been a highlight and a true blessing in my life.  It will be a sad day :o(  when I actually have to leave The Hartford/PDS and not see these two dear friends and their faces on a regular basis. - - Because of them, I am enriched.  Because of Anita and Nadine I AM a better person. 

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