Saturday, March 20, 2010

Miracle of Miracles

What are the lyrics from the musical, "Fiddler on the Roof", "Wonders of wonders, miracles of miracles ..."?  I can raise my voice to the top of the hills and say this week, "I WAS A RECIPIENT of one of God's many astounding and loving miracles.

On February 26th, I sent a Chicago care package to my friend, Ethel Roberg, who lives in Salt Lake City (UT).  I told Ethel to keep an eye out for the package.   Since a few weeks had already passed by since we sent the box, and I had not heard anything from Ethel, the UPS information slip was thrown away only to find out that Ethel had not received the package.  I obtained another tracking slip with the help of our UPS store, which indicated the dates, along with the various location stops the box had took before it reached it's final destination. 

Ethel informed me that she had already been scouring the outside of her property for weeks, hoping to find the package.  I knew the box was delivered on the porch of her house since that is what was on the tracking slip.  During more conversations with Ethel, I found out the information I had on her address was incorrect.  I was sending mail to the wrong address!  All the mail to Ethel over two plus years was never delivered to her or sent back to me, so I had assumed Ethel was receiving our mail. {This should have been my first clue there was a problem since Ethel will always acknowledge any type of correspondence or act of kindness by saying, thank you.}  All of the cards and letters for Ethel were in some gigantic black vortex hole, and now the package was gone.

This week Ethel wanted to see where the package and all of her mail (from me) was being delivered.  To her astonishment, it was not a residential residence I was sending mail to, instead it was a vacant lot.  Ethel and her husband did find a house next to the lot where the address numbers were missing and the address was a digit off.  Ethel thought the UPS driver might have delivered it to that house by mistake.  Even in error, the home Ethel and her husband were looking at didn't look safe or lived in.  Ethel was apprehensive as she walked up to the porch and around to the back, looking for the package.  No box. Finally, Ethel's husband told her to ring the bell.  Ringing the bell was the last thing Ethel wanted to do, but she did.  Do you know what Ethel found in the doorway? The package!!! :-) The box was lodged between the screen door and the wooden door.  Isn't that something!!!!

Ethel was prompted by the Spirit to find the residence I was sending her mail to; and then, Ethel listened to her husband.  Ethel's husband listened to the Holy Ghost!

This was not a desperate situation, heralded by trumpets, nor was it earth shattering; but  it was one more witness to me of God's love.  Our problems, large or small, are significant to God if it is important to us.  God does hear and answer our prayers, even when it is as simple and insignificant as a care package.


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