Thursday, May 13, 2010


We received word earlier in the week that the chunk of skin that was biopsied off of Lynn's face has come back as Basal Cell Carcinoma, which is the most common and curable type of skin cancer. Lynn had two objects biopsied. One object was at the top and to the right side of Lynn's nose, near his eyeglasses nose pad. The other biopsy was completed on a mole under Lynn's armpit. There was no cancer cells found on the mole under Lynn's armpit. We are now waiting to get in to an ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) doctor who will do the necessary surgery to remove the cancerous tissue.

The little shiny and pearly nodule appeared on Lynn's nose about 9 months ago. I didn't really pay attention to it because I just thought another mole was starting to form. At first Lynn thought the nodule would just go away but it didn't. When Lynn would vigourasly wash his face or dry his face with a towel, the nodule would crack and bleed as if the skin were fragile.

Lynn had his annual physical a week ago. Our doctor took a look at the nodule and recommended him immediately to a Dermatologist. The Dermatologist made a quick diagnosis and now we are waiting to get into an ENT and take care of the surgical procedure.

Lynn and I due to our fair skin are more susceptible to Basal cell carcinoma. It is not as evasive as the other skin cancers, but it can deteriorate the skin tissue around the cancerous region and can infect and affect a close nerve.

I am so glad Lynn listened to that still small voice inside of him and that he is dealing with this little radical nodule that decided to invade his precious face.

I feel so grateful and blessed to have these medical marvels available at our fingertips. The medical industry has come so far in study and treatment of cancer, of which my family is taking full advantage of.



............... said...

I am glad that it is cureable! What a great little thing the spirit is! What would we do without it! Good Luck! Love you both!

Becky said...

Congratulations on keeping the evil carcinoma invaders from invading your face Uncle Lynn! We shall continue to be blessed by the symmetry of your nose. ;) I love you guys!