Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thursday, February, 28th …. It’s a date! aaahhhhhhh!!!!

Well, Dr. Smith didn’t waste any time. Today (2/26/08) was his first day back from vacation. He called and we have scheduled my surgery for the day after tomorrow (Thursday, February 28th). I do not have a time yet for my surgery nor what hospital I will be in. I have to visit with the doctor tomorrow to get my surgical folder (hospital instructions), have an EKG, along with some blood work preparatory to Thursday’s procedure. I am just thinking, mind you … I’m just thinking since I have not met with the doctor yet, that my hospital stay will be at Provena Mercy Medical Center. Lynn, of course, will keep you updated on my progress.



Ami said...

Good Luck Shelly We love you!!

Cori said...

Let me know what hospital you guys will officially be in and when you anticipate feeling up to visitors!