Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Surgery is over now comes the Recuperation

Thursday Feb 28…8:30 AM

It seems like I have been here before. Oh wait I have. Shelly has been in surgery for almost an hour now. They said that it is going to take about an 2 and ½ hours for the surgery. They are going to send a camera up her urethra into the bladder to make sure that everything is Okay from that perspective. If they can fix her leak that way they will but the Doctor did not sound to hopeful about that prospect. They will then go in through the same incision she had for her hysterectomy. To repair the problem. I have an hour and ½ to wait for her to be out of surgery…..Time is dragging!!!


Shelly is out of surgery and in her room. They said that she came through with flying colors. They did find the hole where he expected to find it. It was down close to the bladder. They cut the Uterer off and created a new hole in the bladder to reattach the tube to. She will have to have a catheter for a week and then have the stint removed that they put in. I personally think that she is not going to go home tomorrow like she was hoping she might. She is now sleeping. I am hoping that she can now get some good rest. Something Shelly has not had since the hysterectomy in December.


Francine said...

Shelly you sound so good this Friday morning I am really surprised. The way the doctor sounded yesterday I was expecting about the same as last time, but you sound so much better. I love you both and hope things continue to go better.

Cori said...

I love you Shelly!