Thursday, February 14, 2008

All Lit Up!! :)

Today I had a Cystogram (MCU) and Intravenous Pyelogram (IVP) examination to see if we could find where the hole in my bladder is located.

The MCU was really interesting. This type of x-ray is usually performed on a young boy or girl. Because MCUs are so rare on an adult, I had two technicians prep me for the exam, along with the Radiologist. Iodine was pumped (from my 24/7 catheter) into my bladder to see if they could find out where the leak was located. The Radiologist (Dr. Gibson) and technicians (Darlene, Richard and Nancy) were very nice. Richard turned on the monitor so that I could see my bladder in action. Dr. Gibson had me lie on my back, move to my right and left hip, and they actually moved the table, so that even though I was lying down, I was standing up. From my viewpoint, I couldn’t see any leakage from my bladder. Dr. Gibson did find something ‘interesting enough’, that he brought the item to the attention of the two technicians in the room, though he did not tell me what it was.

For the IVP, iodine was shot through an intravenous tube in my arm. The dye moved quickly through my bloodstream. The iodine actually lights up the urinary tract, and kidneys. This can detect blood in the urine or even pain that might be in my lower side or back so that the radiologist and doctors can provide a quick diagnosis. During this exam, the technician took around 13 x-rays narrowing in on different areas of my lower abdomen. Usually a patient cannot be excused from the exam until a Radiologist has looked over the x-rays. Since we could not find Dr. Gibson or a Radiologist, one of the lead (radiology) technicians (Nancy) reviewed my x-rays. I do not know if they found a leak or not, but Nancy did mention that I might have a problem with one of my kidneys. Of course, that was just her opinion and not a medical diagnosis.

Dr. Smith (my Urologist) will have the results of my tests in two working days, which means I know nothing more about my problem and will not know anything until the first part of next week; except for right now, I feel all lit up from the inside out. :)


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Anonymous said...

I always thought you had an inner glow~

Eileen :)