Sunday, July 6, 2008

Photos of Grandparents and Parents of Lynn

As my sister Alicia, was kind enough to send me the following pictures I have decided to post them here. I will post them according to the age of the people. That would mean that the first honor would go to Grandpa and Grandma Hook.
Alicia tells me that this was taken at their 50th wedding anniversary in 1961. Someone took pictures of the original picture and split it up. Alicia is going to see if she can find one of them together for me. If so I will remove these and post it. Grandpa George Hook passed away in 1964, and Grandma Stella Hook in 1978.
Then I have my Grandpa and Grandma Kotter. These would be my mothers parents. I think that this also was taken for their 5oth wedding anniversary but I am not certain. If so it would have been taken in 1970.

Grandpa Victor Kotter passed away in 1984 and Grandma Edna Kotter in 1987.

Then it comes to my parents. The following picture is their wedding picture. They were married in 1951

This picture would have been taken in the mid 1980's. I don't have an exact year.

Mom (Larene)passed away in 1989 and Dad (Alfred) passed away in 1998.
My goal is to print these off and have a pedigree wall made up of photos of grandparents, parents of both Shelly and myself. I am going to need some good quality photos of Shelly's side of the family to do this. Anyone out there who can help in accomplishing this for me? If so please email me with the jpeg images and I will do the same for her on the blog here.

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Ami said...

I know mom would have some photos,Grandma and Grandpa Larsen and Argyle. Linda probably has the best photos of Dad and Betty. Love you!!