Thursday, July 10, 2008

Prehistoric Find

Last Saturday (July 5th), Lynn and I took a delightful walk and Mastodon Express tour of Phillips Park in Aurora. Phillips Park is an extraordinary park; it has several large and very old trees, picnic areas, and places to fish, an aquatic center, softball and baseball ballparks, sand volleyball courts, a small zoo, and a riding tour. (The zoo’s animals include: mountain lions, elk, wolves, foxes, raptors, turkey vulture and several reptiles, etc.) The Park sits aside one of the ultimate golf courses. There is a fantastic and very quaint spot known as the Sunken Garden. Lynn and I took a 30-minute ride on the Mastodon Express to actually tour the whole park. One of the interesting facts in the park is that while they were digging the small lake in the 1930s, they excavated several bones of a prehistoric mastodon. The mastodon's skull and a few bones are in the Visitor Center at Phillips Park.

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