Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer Night Lights

Lynn and I have had a wonderful and an amazing time viewing the hundreds of fireflies around our townhouse. They are beautiful spectacles of light. The fireflies begin to flicker as the sun goes down and they dance, hover, and fly over the twilight and darkened sky. I have tried to capture them on camera with little result. Other folks on the web have managed to capture these brilliant and luminescent insects.

A few facts: The firefly is from the beetle family. There are over 100 varieties of fireflies. Each firefly family has different hues of colors. All fireflies have different reasons they flash. Some fireflies want to congregate, the majority want to mate, while other fireflies (usually the female firefly) want to snack. The flash is actually a cold light versus a warm light. *“Some 90% of the energy a firefly uses to create light is actually converted into visible light. By comparison, an incandescent electric bulb can convert only 10 percent of total energy used into visible light, and the remainder is emitted as heat.” Fireflies can be found over lawns, by streams, on bushes, in the trees, around meadows, and for us, right down on our front yard and in the back on our side street. Unfortunately for my family and friends in Utah, Idaho and California, the fireflies are only found as far east (at least in the U.S.) as Kansas.



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Ami said...

My kids love to catch fireflies!! Love you!