Friday, August 1, 2008

A Garden Party

Every spring the Naperville’s business community sponsors artists to paint sculptures that dot Naperville’s downtown and Riverpark landscape. The first few pictures, within this slide show, are taken of Naperville's downtown community. Several of the sides of Naperville's buildings are painted with lovely murals. Bronze statues pose elegantly along city benches, outside of Starbucks Coffee, the public library, etc. all year long.

Naperville's seasonal statues have a theme this year titled, ‘Garden Party’. They are on display throughout the summer. In September the sculptures will be auctioned off. The donations will then go to Naperville’s United Way.

fyi: There are a few frog chairs and dragonfly benches that have caught my eye much to Lynn’s chagrin. If I bid on a few frogs and dragonflies statues I might come away from the auction as a new owner of a chair or bench; then, I have no idea where we will put it in our townhouse.

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Francine said...

Tell them they have to wait until October, so I will have time to see the real thing before they are sold. They look so cute. Love you and miss you.