Saturday, January 10, 2009

More Snow ...

At least someone in our family is enjoying the snowfall we're receiving. Our snow started early Friday morning, tapered off for a few hours and then resumed in the late afternoon. We have around six inches of snow on the ground in Aurora. According to the weather folks we're to continue the accumulation until this evening.

Our cat, CC, truly enjoys the snow on our deck. She jumps in it, tail flying everywhere. CC will try and grab the snow in her paws and does something like a belly flop into the deeper snow banks. Then she'll move to drier ground to warm and prep up (at least that's what I think she's doing) and then starts the fun all over again. CC is really humorous to watch. If Lynn or I throw a snowball, she'll chase after the snowball. If the snowball is on the ground she'll move the snowball all around until it's crumbled to pieces. It is fun to watch her. Our other cat, Maxwell, looks at the snow from the safety of the doorway. We do enjoy watching both of our cats antics and quirky personalities.

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Francine said...

Loove you both, You are the greatest. I can see everything in my mind. How are things going. I am praying for you. love Mom