Tuesday, January 27, 2009

*** Fox River !! ***

It has been very cold in Eastern Aurora (IL) this season. We had a temporary thaw about a month ago which caused some flooding in Chicagoland. Aurora was spared. Some of the Naperville residents that lived on the Dupage River had water coming into their homes because of the rapid amount of rain we received. Once again though it has turned bitterly cold. I think December and January's high temperatures have been 10 degrees above zero and lower. Many days we woke up to below zero temps. Here are a few pictures a photographer on the Internet took of the Fox River in Jan. 2008. (The Fox River flows through downtown Aurora breaking the city into Eastern Aurora and Western Aurora. Lynn and I live in East, East Aurora. We border the Naperville/Aurora bounderies.) I loved the pictures. The snow we've accumulated this year though is deeper than the pictures indicate. We drove over the Fox River on Friday and the ice is pretty thick and snow covered in many places.

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Francine said...

Hi kids, It is the first time to get on the internet in a long time. Love all of your posts. Still sorry that everyone else seems to have deserted us. That is just to bad for them. We will continue forward.