Friday, June 5, 2009

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

This has been an interesting eighteen months for me and Lynn. Of course it started off with our move in October (2007) to what everyone out here in Illinois calls "God's country" (Chicagoland/Aurora/Naperville area). It was a year ago May (2008) when I was given a clean bill of health.

We have found in our lovely area wonderful friends, fantastic scenery, and remarkable architecture (both God made and manmade). I have enjoyed traipsing through downtown Chicago and other areas that have a historical and sentimental nature behind them. We have had family and friends who have visited us in our new surroundings.

We have visited our surrounding neighbor states, such as Michigan, Iowa and Wisconsin, and plan to have more excursions of discovery, especially to the lower part of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, etc.

Lynn’s contract with the Army Reserve is going superbly. I am still searching for that elusive and illusive job position, which I know is just around the corner.

My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer a month ago and the doctors feel strongly that they have removed all the cancerous tissues. Her chemo and radiation treatments will be completed by the end of the year.

Lynn and I continue to have nieces and nephews that are leaving a remarkable and lasting legacy for their friends and family (such as their Aunt and Uncle) to follow. I have a mother (and Lynn has a mother-in-law, but really she’s his mother-of-love) in my life that I cherish and love with all my heart.

We feel truly blessed and eager, but somewhat anxious, to see what’s ahead for us in the next few years. I know though as I go through this life that I will go forth boldly and strongly because of my sweet and dear companion, Lynn. - - Of that, I have no doubt. Three things are certain in our lives. One, Lynn and I have each other, now and forever. Two, we have a remarkable loving family support system; and three, which is the most important thing to us, is our belief and trust in God.


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Andrew and Kristi said...

This was beautiful Shelly! I loved it.