Friday, July 10, 2009

Great Things Are Happening .... :o)

Lynn and I are so excited. My brother, Todd, his wife Annette, and their three daughters, Julia, Natalie, and Elizabeth, are coming for a visit starting on July 27th. They will leave Chicago on July 30th and head to Utah and Idaho to see our family there. Here is a picture I have of Todd's family, from the summer of 2006, when Lynn and I went out to the DC area for a visit and to be a tourist. Lynn and I have a Chicagoland adventure planned for their visit. I can't wait.

My sister, Lisa, is now on chemo and radiation for her breast cancer. Lisa has been a real trooper with this whole ordeal. I am so proud of my sister. Lisa was extremely nauseated after her first chemo treatment. They are giving Lisa mega doses of the chemo, then after three months, she will get a different does of chemo. The first chemo sessions are the ones that cause hair loss, nausea, and totally wipe the energy out of an individual. Lisa has handled the ordeal so well. Like the angel she is ... she continues to reach out and make those who are talking or visiting with her feel special and reach out with love to her family, friends, other cancer related patients, and her community. I couldn't ask God for a better sister than the sisters and brothers I have been blessed with. Lisa's chemo and radiation treatments will be over by the end of the year. This is a picture of Lisa's new hair cut. I think she looks smashingly well. The new hair do makes her look 10 to 15 years younger.

Another new and exciting thing that is happening in our lives is that, I HAVE A JOB! Yep, a job! The position is a 2-month contract. I will be working with Hartford Insurance. My employment begins at the end of July or the first week in August.

As you can see, Lynn and I have been blessed. Our health is good. We are enjoying our adventures in Chicagoland. We are older and hopefully a little wiser, and having the time of our lives.


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