Friday, July 17, 2009


Okay everyone, I am in trouble! I need some intervention; and quickly. A friend of mine, and I won't mention any names, introduced me to a very addictive computer game. This is a game which I can play happily on the computer anywhere at anytime and it doesn't matter if I'm wearing my PJ's, casual or professional clothes. ;-) The game is 'Letter-Link'!

Has anyone heard of 'Boggle'? My family plays it all the time. Well, this is the Internet's version of Boggle. The object is to form 3 to 5 lettered words. The words must be an unbroken chain of letters. Words can go diagonally, horizontally, backwards, and what I call the 'snake mode'. Click on the first letter of the word and then go from there. The words you find are entered on a small screen to your left. Create as many words as you can in 2 minutes. Once the time is up, an entire list of words individuals have found on that same screen will pop up. It’s amazing the words I couldn’t find and then magically appear as the word springs to the left. The game is fun and entertaining if you like words. If you would like to try the first level, click on the link I provided and click, 'START GAME'. Try it! Let me know if you like it or dislike the game. I have found it to be oh so addicting. (fyi) There are several version of this game on the Internet. Just google, 'Link Letter' and the sponsors will pop up. Some vendors want you to download special versions of the game, and you can purchase the other levels if you’d like but, just playing the free levels will keep you entertained for hours, just ask me. ;o) PS … I'm sorry in advance about the first 5 to 30 seconds of advertisements you will be subject to before the game starts. Maybe if you purchase the game the ads will stop. Enjoy!!!

The next game is all my sister-in-law's fault. It's a Facebook game. If you do not have Facebook, or never intend to set your eyes on Facebook, you don't need to worry; it is Facebook's silly multi-user, multi-level, Farm game. Facebook has two Farm games I know of, but the game I have been playing is Farm Town. The name, ‘FARM TOWN’, just says it all, doesn’t it? Within the game I interact with other Facebook or Internet users all across the world. I have talked strategy with people from the Philippines, the Netherlands, the UK, Spain, and even the good old folks from the USA. The intent is to create a farm space by obtaining materials, goods (fruits, veggies, cotton, coffee, etc.), land, etc. There are 34 levels that I know of to Farm Town. I utilize others Farm Town folks for their assistance in plowing, harvesting, or picking fruit off of the fruit trees on my property. I also offer myself to help others grow. My goal, and every other Farm Town player’s goal, in farming (my husband will laugh at this … and does) is to become a millionaire. It is a fun game for me. Farm Town seems to alleviate my ‘real time stress level’. I love the camaraderie, the bartering, and the creativity; and for me, I can visit other farms without leaving the comfort of my computer chair or my house.


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