Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lighted Vessels

I am so excited to report that the fireflies in Aurora are back. Last summer by this time I saw quite a few fireflies. I’m not sure if the cool(er) summer we’ve been experiencing has played havoc to them, but I haven’t seen as many fireflies until last night. There they were my sweet little flickers of dancing light, hovering above the darkened sky. The sight of them is quite a phenomenon since I did not grow up with these little light vessels in the western states. Each little light, for me, signals a sign of hope. Hope for a better world, hope for continued success, hope for a healthy year for myself and my husband, I hope one day to be reunited with my entire family, etc. For me, these lighted winged insects are like little wishing stars. If you see a firefly, wish fast, because in a split second they will dissolve into darkness. Never fear though, another ray of hope will emerge in the field, on a tree, or in the sky. Fly on winged ray of lighted hope, fly on!

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