Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 2010

Oh my, today is June 30th ... where has the time gone? We are six months into 2010 and only have six more month of this year to go!

I am filled with so much emotion this morning for such a wonderful month. The month started with a visit from my sister, Linda. She arrived on June 1st and by June 9th Linda was back at her home in Castle Dale, Utah. The days and time I spent with Linda during that short period was magical and memorable. We visited downtown Chicago, toured various fun sites around Chicago/Naperville/Aurora and then went to Nauvoo and Carthage IL to round out Linda's visit. Everything was wonderful! Even the weather cooperated, which for IL, is quite a feat during the rainy season! I have put together a quick little photo synopsis of our time with Linda, which I will post at another time.

I also started a new job on May 17th and of all places it is in a dental office. ( The dentist for Washington Dental (in Naperville) is Dr. (Randy) Vaughan! There was no training with the new position, which is so helpful in a new working environment, so my training has come from Dr. Vaughan himself, in helping me to understand the various dental instruments, techniques and procedures, the office part has come from trial and error. I am hoping by my 3-month mark that I will have most of the information down pat! Right now, it is frustrating yet rewarding when I can print off a patient's statement, send a recall notice or dental insurance out. My dad was a dentist. Mine, and most of my sisters, first jobs were working with my dad in his dental office. I feel like I am back to my 'roots' so to speak with this job; and yet the dental field has grown in leaps and bounds from when I was working with my dad, so all in all, it is indeed a NEW, LEARNING and CHALLENGING environment for me.

The first part of June in Aurora has been very wet with tremendous thunder and lightning storms so I haven't been outside much after dark. But last night I spotted them!!! I've been waiting and waiting .... and there they were lighting up the evening sky .... fireflies!!! We do not have fireflies in the Rockies or the West, so these winged illuminated insects are something I have looked forward to while living in IL during the summer months. Fireflies are magical winged fortresses of light, dancing and darting among the moon and darkened IL skies. The fireflies show up, or at least I notice them, around the time of my birthday (June 23).

The month of June (2010) has been an interesting, fantastic, challenging and electrifying month for sure! I can't wait to see what is in store for the remaining months of 2010!!!!


Lynn has his colonoscopy on Friday (7/2/10)!!!

They will not be posted online as Shelly's were. - Lynn

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