Friday, September 5, 2008

Summers Last Fling

Naperville had summer’s last fling on Saturday, Sunday and Monday (Labor Day). We went, along with our friends Donna and Daryl Miyasaki. The Last Fling had tons of things to do, along with food to eat, and things to see. We had fun watching tossing and pole events from the Highland Games. Saturday was also a day for the dogs!!! Dogs were in their element as they ran and caught Frisbees at a dog’s Frisbee competition.

Donna has been a constant source of comfort to me over the last few months. A few weeks ago she was afflicted with Bells Palsy. Her affliction though didn’t stop her from having a great time in Naperville. We had a barbecue and a fun card game on Labor Day to celebrate our friendship.

With cool air and a down pour of rain today, seeing pictures from our ‘Last Fling of Summer’ makes me feel warm inside. (now .... if my family will note, in a few pictures how big my smile is and what I have in my hand ... it's COTTON CANDY!!!)



Ami said...

Look in Ami's blog. I answered you there Shelly. Lynn, I noticed that Illinios seems to be growing on you a little. Everything everywhere seems to be growing on me.

Ami said...

Me again above. Love you Mom