Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Opportunities and Challenges

I started a temporary job with US Bank today for Kelly Temporary Services. It is a position for two maybe three months.

Another piece of GREAT news, “I HAVE A JOB”!!!!! Spaz A real job!!!!! Smile A different job. A non temporary job. It’s a part time position that will move into a permanent one. I will be working with the Samaritan Counseling Center in Barrington, IL. I am so excited. The Samaritan Counseling Centers are dotted across the country. This is the first counseling center in Barrington and it will open in October. I will either be starting on September 15th or the 1st part of October. Here is Samaritan Counseling Center’s website http://www.samaritancounselingnwsub.org/. Naperville also has a Samaritan Counseling Center. It has been open since 1971. Here is their website http://www.samaritancenter.org/. This webpage will provide you with additional insight to our center's goals.

Barrington http://www.ci.barrington.il.us/
is another exquisite and small town in Illinois. I may be whistling a different tune on the first snow day, Tongue right now the drive is awesome, except when I'm at a dead stop at a light signal for five minutes or so. Pouty But, the job is worth it. Raise The Roof 1


Ami said...

I was so excited after your call last night. I can just hardly wait for everything to be finalized. Tell them to hurry up because I need a few appointments while I am there and it is only for a week.

Ami said...

I keep forgetting that I am on Ami's computer. The above comes from me Grandma Larsen.

Cori said...


I was in Barrington last weekend to meet up with some friends. It is a lovely area(and sort of close to me)!

Ami said...

Yeah!! Congratulations! Does this change what time you are coming to my house on the 26th??

Lynn and Shelly said...

I'm not sure yet. Either way we will be there on Friday Ami. I can't wait!!!