Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Welcome to the Family Seth!!!!

I couldn't wait to post today. Lynn and I have wonderful news!!! Our niece, Cori, and her husband Jeff, is in South Korea picking up my new baby nephew, Seth Min Cheol Mohr.
Seth will be twelve months old in November and has been living with a foster family until Cori and Jeff could get the necessary adoption paperwork from the US and South Korea completed.
Jeff and Cori met Seth for the first time when these pictures were taken (today or yesterday in Korea) and will be picking him up for real on Thursday and heading for home on Friday (9/19). It is a glorious time for our family(ies) who have been praying for this day to come, and now it is nearly here.
I hope Cori doesn't mind that I have borrowed a few pictures from her blog site so you can see how beautiful and healthy my (great) nephew is. It is indeed a happy day for our family.
Jeff's grin was as big and as captivating as Cori's when he was holding Seth, but I couldn't pull off the pictures of him from their slide show. There is nothing like a mother and father holding their son (or daughter) for the very first time.

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